The Best Myofascial Release Therapy Service

Southwest Myofascial Release P.C. offers the best Myofascial Release Therapy treatment. The healing powers of Myofascial Release are encompassing and far-reaching.


Myofascial Release makes it hard to believe in anything else

After most patients have exhausted all other options from their Doctor…., that’s when, as a last resort, they’re usually willing to give Myofascial Release a try. They’ve had it with the unpleasant side effects of all kinds they got from the painkillers they tried on top of yoga, dynamic stretching, saunas, hot tubs, and ice baths, etc. The pain remained since they didn’t get any help from traditional physical therapy either.

So, although at first they believe that once again they’d be disappointed, they finally book a myofascial release therapy session after yet another positive testimonial is read by them. However, it is with improved wellbeing that they leave the session, with a sense of relief that’s overwhelming and a reduction in pain that’s remarkable.It’s almost evangelical that once-skeptical patients become after a number of sessions.

Be pain-free and active again

Come take your life and peace back and take great pleasure in enjoying the active lifestyle you love. Show your loved ones how far you can now arch your back after it used to be so stiff. After many arduous years of living with chronic pain and tension, such is the joy and excitement you get when you feel your body unwind and release. Regardless of the severity of their condition, everyone gets results with myofascial release – just some more than others; some are completely healed of their chronic pain.