Privacy Policy

Español has a set of well-defined and strict privacy policies. It is recommended you go through this page thoroughly to know everything there is to know regarding the privacy and security of our website. There are five pivotal factors that determine why, how and when certain personal credentials are gathered and used by us.
  • Access – This factor explains how you have access to check the data that has been gathered. You are provided the opportunity to edit or make changes to the information if required.
  • Choice – It means what say and alternatives you have in how or whether your personal data is gathered and utilized.
  • Notice – Explains if the personal credentials or data is being gathered on the website.
  • Redress – This factor gives you a clear idea about what can be done if the website fails to meet or maintain any of the declared policy.
  • Security – This determines how the data gathered is stored and secured by us.

Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice explains everything on the privacy practices of This Notice is only applicable to the user information gathered by us. The Privacy Notice has to do with the following:
  • What personal information or credentials are gathered from the users through the website, how it is used and with whom it be shared
  • What options are available to you regarding the usage of personal data
  • The security measures adopted by us to safeguard any misuse of the information
  • What steps can be taken by you to edit or make changes in the information that has been gathered

Information Collection, Sharing, & Usage

This is to declare that the information gathered on this website is solely owned by us. Only we have the right to have direct access to the information gathered on this website. These credentials are gathered with your knowledge through emails or direct contact. In no case whatsoever do we either sell or rent this data to a third party.

Your Access to & Control Over Information

You can contact us anytime when you want to. Listed below are the things you can do by getting in touch with us by phone number or email address provided on our website.
  • Check all your personal data that has been gathered and kept by us (if any)
  • Request that we delete any of your personal information
  • Edit or modify any of the information related to you
  • Inform us if you have any issue with the usage of your personal information by us


Safety is our primary area of concern. You should know that the information gathered by us is secure both offline and online. We choose to encrypt the data that is relayed online to ensure safety and any sort of misuse. The access to such information is only granted to select trusted employees who require it only on a need-to-know basis to make your experience a smoother and more seamless one.

Orders provides you with a page where you are required to fill out certain information to know about the availability and cost of the service you require. This information i.e name, email address is solely gathered to contact you related to your query or to fulfill your service request. We never share this data with any party for security purposes.


The cookie policy followed by us at Aracelli Bonaudi has been declared in this part. We do use cookies, but it’s solely done to enhance your online experience. To sum it up, cookies are pieces of data that are stored to recognize and track the visitors who have accessed our website before. With the help of cookies, you never have to fill in a password and/or user-ID to log in multiple times which in turn saves you time and money, making for a smooth transaction.