Myofascial Release
Southwest Myofascial Release P.C.

With Myofascial Release treatment sessions, you will be able to say goodbye to the chronic pain and limit range of motion tormenting your life. Southwest Myofascial Release specializes in myofascial release therapy and have treated thousands of patients with this powerful noninvasive technique. There is hope for you. You can have your peace and quality of life back.


Aracelli Bonaudi


I can relate to what you’re going through because, as a young girl, I too became disabled living in chronic pain when a brick wall collapsed on my pelvis and left leg and ankle. I spent 35 long, agonizing years like that because none of the many different treatments and medications that I tried would heal me, including traditional and conventional physical therapy. I felt like an outcast because I couldn’t participate in the activities and sports in which my friends participated. I could only walk if I wore high heels because I could only walk on tippy-toes, and it always hurt. I was finally healed with just myofascial release therapy but I had to suffer for so long because I didn’t even know it existed till 35 years into my disability. Myofascial Release completely healed and transformed me, giving me my life back, so I decided to become a specialist in Myofascial Release to share it so others can experience the relief and joy I experienced.

Myofascial Release is Powerful

“Southwest Myofascial Release is not just a brand, it’s where you find the solution to your chronic pain and restricted mobility.”

Myofascial release is the most powerful physical therapy technique in the market. Its effective, transformational results are powerful. Myofascial Release is natural and organic. Myofascial release puts your body in its natural, normal healthy state prompting it to heal itself. It rids your body of chronic pain, limited range of motion and stress, boosts your immune system, and improves your body’s balance and alignment, flexibility, strength, performance, functions, sleep, appetite, focus, memory, and gives you back your life and your peace so you can enjoy the active lifestyle you love. Myofascial release is simply amazing and incredible!